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Cambray Corporate Away Days - Why We're Different

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There are a huge variety of corporate away day options available to the modern business owner, HR manager, or team leader. With all of the options on the market, how do you choose the away day that is right for your team? This article outlines why Cambray corporate away days are so unique and why they stand out from the competition.

Location, location, location

It's important to base your away day in a great location. A Cambray away day is held in the heart of the Cotswolds countryside, in a beautiful hotel venue.

Surrounded by nature, your team will be a world away from their usual place of work. In this low pressure, non threatening environment they will be able to relax and be more open to discussing, accepting and implementing change in a positive way.

We offer a pre-away day diagnostic and post-away day check-in

Cambray corporate away days differ from other away days services as they are not simply a 'one-and-done' event.

Our Cambray coach will meet with team leaders, business owners or HR managers in advance to discuss specific challenges faced by the team. This means that our coach can begin to plan the away day around your team's specific requirements.

We also offer a post-away day check-in to make sure that momentum has not been lost, and to give advice on how to sustain progress.

Cambray corporate away days are tailored to you and your team

Our Cambray coach will not only meet with you before the away day to discuss your team and their challenges. The coach will also get to know the team themselves during the day and tailor the content and approach as needed.

cambray corporate away days tailored
Tailor a corporate away day around your team with Cambray

For example, let's say the away day starts and completely unknown to you, your team feel that there are communication issues in the workplace. Our coach has a wide skillset and can be very flexible in responding to specific needs. He would be able to implement some work on positive communication techniques into the away day.

This means that Cambray corporate away days aren't simply churned out with a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, they are tailored to the specific needs of you and your team, based on information provided both beforehand and throughout the away day.

Cambray corporate away days are fun and practical

When considering an away day for your team, you want to be sure that time isn't wasted. Of course, you want your team to have fun. But you also want to be sure that any skills learned will benefit them in the workplace.

Cambray away days offer fun, engaging activities for your team which also focus on areas such as performance, communication, creativity, mindset, stress and change management, among many others.

This means that any skills learned by your team during the day are transferrable to the workplace. They'll learn important workplace skills - and they'll have great fun!

A Cambray away day won't just benefit those who attended

Perhaps the biggest selling point of a Cambray corporate away day is that it doesn't just benefit the team who attended, but also benefits your organisation on a wider level.

A Cambray away day doesn't just focus on team-building in a bubble. We encourage your team to begin to implement a positive team culture which is anchored around creativity, positive behaviour and good communication.

We support your team to begin to implement this behaviour. We help them to develop the tools needed to bring these techniques back to the wider organisation in a sustainable way.

Our experienced Cambray coach

The last reason that a Cambray corporate away day is so unique comes down to the diverse background and skillset of our away day coach, Peter Anderson.

Peter anderson cambray corporate away days
Peter Anderson - the Cambray corporate away days coach

Peter's career includes selling, dance, choreography and Combat Jiu Jitsu (black-belt) and sales training as well as a strong mindset background. These diverse roles have provided Peter with an ability to draw on his extensive experience to address a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Mind-set
  • Stress management
  • Embracing change and uncertainty
  • Challenging negative self-thoughts/self-talk
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Leadership
  • Addressing trauma
  • Sales
  • Language and communication 
  • Building on strengths
  • Forming business strategies

Peter has worked across various industry sectors and supported organisations including HSBC, Wholefoods, FMLC Secretariat at The Bank of England, YMCA and The Red Cross. Having guest lectured at universities across Europe and spoken at TEDx, he continues to research into positive-thinking and behaviour based processes that help inspire change and growth.

From an away day perspective, this means that Peter's style of training is very engaging. This is not a powerpoint presentation approach - his skillset enables him to create emotion about a subject and to encourage participation from everyone in the team.

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